Day 1Ravenglass to Wasdale Head23.3 km14.5 miles
Day 2Wasdale Head to Rosthwaite19.3 km12 miles
Day 3Rosthwaite to Buttermere16.1 km10 miles
Day 4Buttermere to Braithwaite17.7 km11 miles
Day 5Braithwaite to Dockray27.4 km17 miles
Day 6Dockray to Patterdale16.1 km10 miles
Day 7Patterdale to Troutbeck18.5 km11.5 miles
Day 8Troutbeck to Grasmere16.1 km10 miles
Day 9Grasmere to Coniston19.3 km12 miles
Day 10Coniston to Seathwaite19.3 km12 miles
Day 11Seathwaite to Boot17.7 km11 miles
Day 12Boot to Ravenglass20.9 km13 miles
Total232 km144 miles