If you would like the details of your Lakeland Way adventure on the list below then please provide your name(s), date and a brief description of your walk including any recommendations, tips or changes you come across along the route. This will be of great benefit to those planning the walk in the future.

No: 01
Name(s): John Falcus
Date(s): Sat 22nd July – Sat 29th July 2023
“I walked the whole route over 8 days. I used campsites on four of the days and wild camped 2 nights, and the luxury of a B&B for one night at Seathwaite. I carried all of my gear throughout my journey. I was unfortunate to have rain at some point everyday, ranging from heavy showers to torrential downpours, hence the reason for one night taking the opportunity of a B&B and a chance to dry out all of my stuff. It is very difficult to pick out one highlight of the walk as despite the weather everyday brought a new one. But if I had to it would be the walk from Buttermere and the subsequent climb up Gasgale Gill and down into Braithwaite.”

No: 02
Name(s): Richard Jennings
Date(s): Sat 2nd Sep – Wed 13th Sep 2023
“Walked the whole route over 12 days. Mixture of base (8) and wild camping (3). Carried all my gear and used parcel service at Keswick and Ambleside. Glorious weather. Reached 30°C most days. Torrential rain on day 9 between Elterwater and Coniston. Had blisters early on due to carrying extra weight and the heat. Highlight was camping on Dow Bank above Chapel Stile, but it’s difficult to choose which section was my favourite due to each being so varied. I wouldn’t recommend starting the LW on a Saturday because Wasdale Head gets really busy with three-peakers. Fantastic experience. Would like to experience this walk in early spring.”

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