If you complete the Lakeland Way Ultra and want your details added to the list below, please send me a copy of your recorded track and a brief report of your run, including your full name, date, time, and the conditions during the event. You are also welcome to provide me with any feedback regarding the route, or of any problems you may have encountered during your challenge. Did you run the route in one go or over multiple days? Did you have supported checkpoints or support runners? This information will be of great benefit to those planning to run the route in the future.

The winter period for this challenge is from 1st December to 28th/29th February, and the summer period from 1st March to 30th November. The route can be attempted with either of the three following “styles” of support: checkpoint, running or unsupported.

Athlete: Sarah Perry
Gender: Female
Season: Winter
Support: Checkpoint and running
Start date: 16.12.23
Finish date: 18.12.23
Total time: 41 hrs 25 mins

“I completed a mid-winter attempt with last minute planning. Started 7:30am to accommodate low tide. Crossing was fine and I was kindly accompanied by Richard (in his flip flops). Weather was mostly fine on Saturday with the wind and rain coming in Saturday evening making lots of the next day difficult and slow going. It was particularly bad before dropping down into Wasdale. We experienced some proper winter weather over the course of the weekend, which meant that we missed out on our target time by many hours. I invited 3 friends along to do some stretches of support running, but I was not accompanied for the entire journey. My partner Luke provided road support.”

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